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Benefits of Flexisale

    Flexisale software is revolutionizing the way many businesses handle virtually all of their point of sale and inventory functions.

Best of all, it doesn't take a computer science degree to understand it. Training new employees on Flexisale is simple and quick, so there is virtually no down time. Flexisale helps improve productivity and gives you better control over your inventory. And it's flexible and adaptable, so you can quickly and easily customize the software to perform only the functions you need.

Flexisale has been optimized, which for most users translates into decades of use before data needs to be cleaned out. No more retrieving from archives; this not only saves you time and hassle, it allows you to look at comparative reporting over years of data and it saves significantly on service charges.

Very Flexible   Simply adjust Flexisale to find admin switches, Flexisales features can be configured to suit the needs of most users.

Reliable   Written in Delphi NOT Visual Basic this is a Windows application that is truly portable and reliable. In fact it utilizes the same shell that public safety entities use for 911 assistance software. Flexisale does not require myriad run time execution libraries and system dlls. This means replacing/fixing a terminal, adding a new terminal, or temporarily moving the "datastore " is a snap.

Easy To Support   The structure is simple one .exe file, one terminal configuration file, one system .dll, and one Data Store File (Easy To Understand and Deal With Access 97 or 2000 DB). Forget about dealing with dozens of files scattered around the drive, count on being able to easily deal with the raw data file.

Robust   The Flexisale Data Store can grow to 1 GB. Even for busy businesses this translates to decades of data in one data store. Allowing users to have sales data for long periods of time in one place for quick marketing analysis. No need to clear out and archive the data.

Efficient   Flexisale supports a wide variety of POS Hardware often allowing users to utilize existing hardware when upgrading old systems.

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