FLEXISALE is Easy To Use, Reasonably Priced Point of Sale Software that's effective in Retail, Fast Food, Rental, Restaurants,etc... It runs on a regular Windows computer, probably the "one sitting right on your desk".

"I've been in retail for over 20 years, and I'm a professional Web/Computer consultant. I was one of the first to even use a POS system in this area. Before switching to Flexisale our POS system was a constant problem. As a sophisticated computer user I truly appreciate the ease of use and performance of Flexisale. I used to think all POS software "sucked", finally I have something that I'm happy with."


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PC Requirements

Any windows computer that is less than 1.5 years old should work very well. Windows 2000/Windows XP recommended.

SUPPORT and Set Up

We give you the flexibility to get the help you need, but not force you to waste money on help and support that you don't need.

Save Thousands of Dollars by setting up your own system - With a little help from our Tech Support - Confident computer users can easily set up the hardware for a FLEXISALE system.

NEED FULL SERVICE: Let us help you get a qualified consultant in your area to assist with your complete hardware set up, still a fraction of the cost of using a POS Dealer.

Software Wholesale Price is $899 unlimited terminals for END USERS - 100% a la carte support meaning support is billed hourly - 1/2 hour minimum.

Whatever your situation we invite you to try FLEXISALE on your own computer, once you get it running on your own PC give us a call, We would be happy to help walk you through setting up Flexisale to meet your business needs.

Save thousands, Easy To Set Up Digital Surveillance

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